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Industrial Meat Processing Equipment

At the industrial level machines not only have to process a lot of product, they have to do it fast, and they have to do it for long stretches of time. Other factors play into industrial scale meat processing that take advantage of the economy of scale involved at this high level of production. 

This meatball roller diagram shows the various components that make an industrial meatball rolling machine. These machines can roll thousands of meatballs for days on end. 

Key Attributes of Industrial Scale Meat Processing Equipment

The Key attributes of industrial level machinery are as follows:

  • Durability - The machine must run for long stretches of time in unideal conditions. It must be able to be washed down with food-safe sanitizers on a regular basis. This is not something you would expect form lower grade equipment. 
  • Longevity - You have to depend on the equipment for years to come. Tomahawk Manufacturing, Inc. have some machines that exceed 40 years old, there are Formax® machines out for even longer. 
  • Cost-Effective - This area separates the elite from the rest. The more versitile meat processing equipment can do things in different ways and has easy changeover to do those different things. 
  • Innovative - New techology is key, faster product, better quality product all play an important role in industrial scale prodcut. Producers at the industrial scale expect their machinery to keep up with the times, and ideally exceed the competition.